Intersections Featured Artist D. Larissa Peters

Synkroniciti is proud to feature the artists of our newest online issue, “Intersections,” available for download here:

Please join us in welcoming back poet D. Larissa Peters, who joined us for the first time in our “Empowered” issue. “Here in this space” opens “Intersections” and reflects on all of the people who touch our lives tangentially. We never meet them, but they make a difference in our lives. What do you contribute to your community, to the future, to people on the other side of the earth? We are so cavalier in our approach to the world, so self-sufficient. The truth is we are more interconnected than we have ever been. Could we make the world a better place simply by being more aware and thankful?

D. Larissa Peters was born and raised in Indonesia. Somewhat of a nomad, she meandered around the East Coast for more than 10 years before moving to California—in the middle of a pandemic. She loves discovering cities and their hide-aways, mixing cocktails and mingling—turning small talk into stories, or just a long breezy day with a book and the beach.

Her most recent poems have appeared in the Last Leaves Magazine, Carolina Muse, Pocket Poetry and she has a few forthcoming pieces elsewhere.

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