Synkroniciti is a creative incubator for new art, performance, and learning. Based in Houston, Texas, we seek to weave together diverse elements, including visual art, literature, music, theatre, dance, and film. Our latest creation is Synkroniciti Magazine, which seeks to find and amplify new voices from all over the globe across a spectrum of artistic disciplines.

Whether you are an artist who longs to connect more deeply with your inspiration or an art lover who wants to discover something new and exciting, Synkroniciti invites you to explore, create, and share in a dynamic environment for growth and exploration.

Synkroniciti is…

Warm and wonderful, exciting expressions of creativity among like-minded folk in a positive atmosphere of acceptance.

–Jane Lowy, author of Wobbly Barstool

A place where we unite through endless creativity!

–Andrea Jaimes, author of Koda and The Polka-Dot Bow Tie

An inspiring new literary and visual arts magazine! Happy to be one of the writers on the inaugural masthead!

JT Morse, poet, writer and photographer


The individual artist features are so nice, and I appreciate how involved (Katherine is) in the process of producing each issue. I’ve published work with a number of journals that were missing this kind of personal touch.

Aaron White, poet and creative non-fiction writer, author of “Soonest, Saturn”

Each creation is unique.

We believe that the human being is, by nature, creative. In finding our creative voices, we become more truly ourselves and bring greater value to the people around us. It is our goal to facilitate and incubate creativity and help people explore their own artistic expression in a supportive environment.