Our third issue, with the theme of empathy, came out March 1st.  It features the work of Ron Berisha, Laura Bourdo, Jane Chance, David Estringel, Christina Hoag, Rachael Ikins, Katherine McDaniel, JT Morse, Yolanda Movsessian,  Ariel Neo,  Elaine T. Nguyen, W.E. Pasquini,  Ranger, Yvonne Vignes, and Jonathan Yungkans.


Synchronicity is a term coined by Carl Jung that refers to “the simultaneous occurrence of events which appear significantly related but have no discernible causal connection”. This makes our focus eclectic, but we do have subjects that we favor:

The arts and creativity, the intersection of art and science, nature, social justice (pro feminism, pro GLBTQ+, pro Black Lives Matter and support for any opportunity to promote equality and respect across the lines of gender, ethnicity, culture, religion and economic status), mythology and storytelling, imagination and fantasy, dreams and their imagery, and personal and collaborative expression.