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  1. Quote for Today: Hugh Laurie

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    March 28, 2017 by katmcdaniel

    People talk about nightfall, or night falling, or dusk falling, and it’s never seemed right to me. Perhaps they once …
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  2. Quote for Today: Percy Bysshe Shelley


    March 22, 2017 by katmcdaniel

    Poetry lifts the veil from the hidden beauty of the world, and makes familiar objects be as if they were …
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  3. Quote for Today: Vironika Tugaleva


    March 16, 2017 by katmcdaniel

      Sometimes love doesn’t look like what we think it should look like. Sometimes it’s paradoxical. Sometimes we have to …
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  4. Quote for Today: Nick Hornby

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    February 17, 2017 by katmcdaniel

    All that night he thought like boomerangs fly: an idea would shoot way off into the distance, all the way …
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  5. Quote for Today: John Steinbeck


    February 13, 2017 by katmcdaniel

    “I live alone,” he said simply. “I live in the open. I hear the waves at night and see the …
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  6. Quote for Today: Marilynne Robinson

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    February 5, 2017 by katmcdaniel

    Every spirit passing through the world fingers the tangible and mars the mutable and finally has come to look and …
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  7. Quote for Today: Edith Sitwell

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    January 14, 2017 by katmcdaniel

    Rhythm is one of the principal translators between dream and reality. Rhythm might be described as, to the world of …
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