Katherine McDaniel,

Founder and Director of Synkroniciti. . .

is a classically trained opera singer who has appeared onstage at Houston Grand Opera, and has collaborated with numerous artists in Houston, New York, and Florida. She was Program Director and a founding member at RESONANZ, a summer festival for opera singers and the brainchild of former Metropolitan Opera and Lindemann Artist Heidi Skok. Katherine’s first creative venture was The Other Woman with ChiaroScuro Vocal Ensemble, an innovative blend of opera arias, ensembles and her own original poetry, a set now known as Fractures.

In 2012, Katherine had three poems commissioned by Houston Grand Opera for Houston Artists Respond, part of the Home and Place Initiative of HGOco. Nubia’s Shoes, Yo soy un Corazòn and Drumming were inspired by videos of senior adults at Baker Ripley Community Center in Houston. The poems tell the stories of Latin American women who immigrated to the United States.

In 2013, Katherine turned her attention to multi-media verse, also known as video poetry, producing Mirage and Alouette, the Femmebot.

2014 saw Katherine expand her creative horizons into drawing and painting, as well as the beginnings of a serialized novel with Jungian overtones, Beloved’s Journey.

The spring of 2015 brought forays into photography.

After experiencing the Tax Day Flood of 2016 and Hurricane Harvey, Katherine is very glad to be in a new home that does not threaten to flood every time it rains and is more determined than ever to devote precious time to the development of Synkroniciti. She is so glad to be back and is ecstatic to premiere Synkroniciti Magazine.

Katherine is committed to bringing out the creative side of the performing arts and creating partnerships and collaborations between different types of artists in order to explore and enhance our modern world.