Quote for Today: Ralph Hodgson

© Jennifer Boyer with CCLicense
Sad Memories of Childhood
Memorial for Starved Children
Kiev, Ukraine
© Jennifer Boyer with CCLicense

Stupidity Street

I saw with open eyes

Singing birds sweet

Sold in the shops

For the people to eat.

I saw in a vision

The worm in the wheat,

And in the shops nothing

For people to eat;

Nothing for sale in

Stupidity Street.

Ralph Hodgson 

2 thoughts on “Quote for Today: Ralph Hodgson

    • katmcdaniel Reply

      I found it by doing a creative commons image search for starvation and I was so haunted by it… the eyes, the gauntness and the little tare of wheat. Amazing statue, isn’t it? It memorializes children who died as a direct result of government policies. Those ethnicities who were not considered worthy of survival were starved to death. Such a sad place.

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