Quote for Today: Abdulrazak Gurnah

Fra Mauro's World Map, Positioned with south at the top
Fra Mauro’s World Map
Oriented with south at top

I speak to maps. And sometimes they say something back to me. This is not as strange as it sounds, nor is it an unheard of thing. Before maps, the world was limitless. It was maps that gave it shape and made it seem like territory, like something that could be possessed, not just laid waste and plundered. Maps made places on the edges of the imagination seem graspable and placable.

Abdulrazak GurnahBy The Sea

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  1. mkriegh Reply

    I love this quote, particularly because I have had a visceral experience with this…I don’t know if you had chance to read My Mount Everest is Calling inaugural post…but its all about finding a map to a territory and how that makes the territory navigable…I may borrow this quote from you for a future post;-)

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