We Flooded Again

Hello from Houston! We are safe, but our home received 51 inches of water and we haven’t been able to go back in yet. Synkroniciti will be getting back on her feet in the next few weeks and will be bringing back the quotes as we can. Thanks to the city, who opened the floodgates on the Addicks Reservoir, we had a 12 hour period to remove as much stuff as we could. Here is a picture of our home taken by drone as the waters began to recede. We are hopeful that we will be able to move this time.


Best wishes to you and yours!!


8 thoughts on “We Flooded Again

  1. Morgan Reply

    🙁 So Sorry 🙁 I cannot even imagine the heartbreak and clean up involved, BUT what’s important, I suppose, is that everyone is safe. Blessings for a return to normality asap. <3

    • katmcdaniel Reply

      Thank you!! We keep holding on to the good things. Everything is much worse and much better than can be imagined at the same time. All will be well with time.

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