The Flourishing Soul of Flamenco

The word flourish signifies not only rampant growth, but a gesture or set of gestures that personify vitality and life. That gesture may be expressed in words, carpentry, architecture, music, dance, cooking. There is no pursuit known to humanity that cannot be executed with flourish. One of the most striking exhibitions of this creative gesture is in the music and dance style known as flamenco.


Flamenco’s origins lie in Andalusia with the Roma people of southern Spain, known as gitanos. The ancestors of the gitanos came across Europe and north Africa from northern India and were known pejoratively as gypsies. It is no accident that this vibrant celebration of life and passion came from a people who were persecuted and denigrated. The subject matter is often painful and dark, presented with an emotional intensity and controlled artistry that transmutes such feelings into beautiful, cathartic moments.

Flamenco is a musical tradition that flowered into dance. The dancer embodies the anguish and beauty of the singer’s voice, the rhythmic anxiety and ferocity of the guitar. In most traditions, dancing favors the young, with supple bodies that are flexible and strong. Flamenco favors the emotional palette of the mature dancer and it is not unusual for a flamenco artist to dance well into their fifties and beyond. The duende, or soul of the dance will not give itself easily to the dancer who has not experienced the difficulties of life. In a happy contrast, the flashy and spellbinding footwork is likely to keep the dancer in shape for many years.

This video is from the documentary, Flamenco, Flamenco by Carlos Saura. It’s a beautiful documentary you should check out when you have the time.

The form above is alegrías, or “joys”, a particularly fast paced style, or palo, of flamenco in twelve-eight time, with accents on beat 3, 6, 8, 10 and 12. As the strong beats get closer together in the second half of the bar the rhythm pushes forward with a tense agitation. The dancer is Sara Baras, who has toured the world as a soloist and as the lead dancer of her own company. She has also appeared as a model in London, Madrid and Lisbon, and been featured in Mission: Impossible 2. When she was younger, teachers complained that her feet were too loud, but their percussiveness is a strength and hallmark of her particular gift. Both Sara and her dancing exemplify the meaning of the word flourish in all its shadings.

Sara is a native Andalusian, but it should be noted that, during the Spanish recession, the flourishing of modern flamenco has been sustained and enriched by people from other lands, among them northern Africa, the United States and Japan. It seems fitting that its Roma roots have been extended back out into the global sphere. They carry with them a very important message: We do not flourish when life is easy; we flourish when we surmount our difficulties.

10 thoughts on “The Flourishing Soul of Flamenco

  1. Steven Colborne Reply

    Wow, that video is astonishing! I play guitar, but I’m reluctant to call myself a guitarist after watching those guys! Sara’s dancing is incredible as well. A true piece of art, thank you for sharing!

    • katmcdaniel Reply

      It is stunning, isn’t it? They all seem to be sharing the same breath; perfect collaboration! Thanks for stopping by and for the follow. kat

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  3. Barry O'Leary Reply

    Great video. Thanks for a new insight into flamenco.

    I’m a huge fan and live in Seville. I love watching live flamenco, such passion and arte.

    I’ve written a novel set in Seville in the Flamenco world, so I have a big interest.

    Thanks for the inspiration.

    Barry O’Leary

    • katmcdaniel Reply

      Thanks, Barry! I’m so glad the inspiration found you. Would love to hear more about your novel.

      Katherine McDaniel

      • Barry O'Leary

        My pleasure. It’s a humorous romantic story set in Seville. Check out my blog A Novel Spain and you can get the first 4 chapters free. Looking forward to more posts.


      • katmcdaniel

        Fantastic. I’m following and will stop by soon to read those chapters.

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