Technology in the Home: The Future in Home Appliances from GE

From machines that check vital signs and dispense medicine to laundry stored in compressed pellets, things are changing. Ready?

Housekeeping may change, but there is always some new challenge to deal with.  © JoeInSouthernCA
This 1920s gentleman has no idea what he’s getting into. Housekeeping may change, but, despite innovation, there is always some new challenge to deal with. 
© JoeInSouthernCA with CCLicense

In 2013, GE asked its designers to dream up what appliances in the home of 2025 might look like and how these appliances could function in new and improved ways. Taking into consideration changes in food science, demographic shifts, ecological issues, healthcare services, water shortages and the growth of home delivery, as well as technological innovation, they came up with a number of projects. It is impossible to tell which of these technologies will prove useful and which will fall by the wayside. Fixing problems has a tendency to create new problems and the more complicated the technology, the more expensive it is to fix it when it breaks. Nonetheless, it is fascinating to see imagination in the process of becoming reality.

You can read about more nifty ideas on the project website, including an induction cooktop and oven with interchangeable accessories, including griddle, grill, wok, steamer and panini press. It’s all controlled from your smart phone, so you’ll have no excuse for burning dinner while you sit on the couch watching TV or exploring the internet! Home 2025 is currently touring the country and can be seen currently at the Da Vinci Science Center in Allentown, Pennsylvania, USA.

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