Still Growing: “Get Old” Hy Snell, 94

Some things are best with age.
Some things are best with age.

Meet Hy Snell, who has been painting for seven decades. At 94 he possesses only 5% of his eyesight, but he keeps working, still trying to paint the best work he has ever done. It is his hope that the unusual perspective given him by his fading eyesight will help him create art that is truly groundbreaking and different. The joy he feels to be doing what he loves is contagious. He frequently cracks jokes and breaks into song in a voice strong for his years. What an inspiration!

This video is from a series of four mini-documentary films made by the creative collective Variable, based in New York City, for Pfizer’s campaign “Get Old”. The goal is to encourage positive views on aging by bringing out inspiring stories of older people who defy expectations. Modern society is often obsessed with youth and celebrity, denying the benefits of a life well-lived. What a wonderful reality check!

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