Reverence, Laughter and Disgust: Trashion by Marina DeBris

Although some may associate reverence with fear and trembling, it can be even more potent mixed with laughter and love.

Highland Fling
Highland Fling
© Marina DeBris

Marina DeBris is the clever assumed name of a Los Angeles artist who is passionate about cleaning up the beach. Disgusted by the great volume of trash littering the ocean shore and tired of throwing it away only to find more on her next trip, she began making small pieces of art from the debris of human life. She tries to impress on people how much their own small contributions to pollution add up to big problems for nature and anyone who wants to enjoy it.

White Trash © Marina DeBris
White Trash
© Marina DeBris

One day she was approached by the nonprofit Heal the Bay of Santa Monica to decorate a mannequin. Although she didn’t have a background in fashion design, she embraced the challenge and created White Trash. The experience so resonated with DeBris that she began a whole line of mock clothing, which she named Trashion. These outfits feature trash picked up on the beach or the street. At first glance they are striking or beautiful. A second glance reveals their unsettling and even disgusting nature. You should note that none of the items worn are cleaned first; that must be an adventure for the models!

DeBris might not be able to pass on her own reverence for sea and shore, but these whimsical designs make people think. You can check out more of her art, including pieces made from materials from the Pacific Gyre, and find the names of more of her Trashion pieces on her website.

Castaway © Marina DeBris
© Marina DeBris
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