Quote for Today: William Golding

© Rrinsindika with CCLicense
© Rrinsindika with CCLicense

Now we, if not in the spirit, have been caught up to see our earth, our mother, Gaia Mater, set like a jewel in space. We have no excuse now for supposing her riches inexhaustible nor the area we have to live on limitless because unbounded. We are the children of that great blue white jewel. Through our mother we are part of the solar system and part through that of the whole universe. In the blazing poetry of the fact we are children of the stars.

William Golding, Nobel Prize Lecture, 1983

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    O!! Wonderful 🙂 Im so sad I missed the eclipse this morning 🙁

    Thank You for Sharing my World of Inspiration.

    Blessings of Contentment, Dear Friend~

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