Quote for Today: Stella Payton


© Roger Karlsson with CCLicense
© Roger Karlsson with CCLicense

What dreams lie dormant hidden in the womb of your soul, quietly waiting, incubating, seeking opportunity to come forth? 

Like the female cycle that comes every 28 days, over and over again, dreams come to rest in the soil of your mind. They compel you. They disturb you. They haunt you with visions of possibility.

They prompt you to walk restlessly through life knowing that you may someday stop, listen and decide to nourish them with faith and action.

Yield to the silent urging. Listen. Hear. Receive.

Let the dream speak. For it will burst forth from the womb of your spirit. It frees into existence something that lives, brooding in the corner your mind. Hold the seed. Grow the seed. Birth the seed. And life will begin anew.

2 thoughts on “Quote for Today: Stella Payton

  1. stellampp Reply

    This is so beautiful. Thank you for giving such fresh life and breath to my words. I am so honored that you have done so.

    • katmcdaniel Reply

      Thank you! Words are like seeds and yours really resonate with me.
      Blessings, kat

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