Quote for Today: Marie-Louise Sjoestedt

The inscriptions (mere names or epithets of divinities) and the monuments (in so far as they are purely Celtic, for we must reckon with the possibility of Roman influence) give us only allusions which are not easy to interpret and which throw only a little light upon a world of obscure notions. One is tempted to use the texts as a starting-point in order to explain the monuments and so to fit the fragments of the puzzle into the ready framework that some paragraph of Caesar provides. But this temptation is to be avoided, for it is safer to wander without a guide through an unmapped country than to trust completely a map traced by men who came only as tourists and often with biased judgement.

Marie-Louise Sjoestedt, Celtic Gods and Heroes

Triskelion by Hans Braxmeier from Pixabay 

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