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  1. In a Land of Queens: Daughters of Yemen

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    March 14, 2017 by katmcdaniel

    Presided over by Queens in ancient and medieval times, modern Yemen has been called the worst place to be female. …
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  2. Portraits of a Nation: The Devastating Beauty of Yemen


    March 8, 2017 by katmcdaniel

    Challenged by the unknown and unfamiliar, we often turn away. Can our curiosity help us to become better, kinder people? …
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  3. Quote for Today: Doris Lessing

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    January 25, 2017 by katmcdaniel

    Ideally, what should be said to every child, repeatedly, throughout his or her school life is something like this: ‘You …
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  4. Quote for Today: Rebecca Solnit

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    September 2, 2016 by katmcdaniel

    Her name was Asia. His was Europe. Her name was silence. His was power. Her name was poverty. His was …
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  5. Wistful Moments: Rebecca Bathory’s Presence of Absence

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    August 1, 2016 by katmcdaniel

    During our lifetime, places that are special to us either change or become abandoned, decay and disappear. Visiting places that …
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  6. Beneath the Garden: Il Giardino di Ninfa, Part 1


    February 23, 2016 by katmcdaniel

    Forty miles from Rome, the ancient city of Ninfa has been overtaken by a lush garden. What stories hide here? …
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  7. Quote for Today: Ray Bradbury

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    February 17, 2016 by katmcdaniel

    It was a pleasure to burn.   It was a special pleasure to see things eaten, to see things blackened …
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