Look and Listen #15: Free Soul by Momo Sanno and Franz Galo

Free Soul is a short film directed by Franz Galo about the Romanian dancer Momo Sanno, exploring the connections between contemporary dance and life. As most dancers do, Sanno began with ballet, but never felt that ballet was natural and never came to terms with the physical pain and damage involved, which he sees as unnecessary for artistry. He found contemporary dance more friendly to individual expression and it was there that he was able to explore his identity and world using not only mind and body, but something other.

“This film follows memories, thoughts and dreams of Romanian dancer Momo Sanno on his dance journey through Bucharest.

“Dancing somehow can be a paradox: because it’s about absolute control and letting go. You loose yourself into a movement, and yet you control it. That’s why you go through an intensive training: you train your body to actually be free; you train your body and your mind to let go”

More: http://www.momosanno.com/work#/free-s…

Directed, filmed and edited by Franz Galo © 2016

Production Manager: Eugenia Farauanu

First Assistant: Victor Rojas”

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