Intersections Featured Artist Roméo Desmarais III

Synkroniciti is proud to introduce the artists of our newest online issue, “Intersections,” available for download here:

Welcome poet Roméo Desmarais III, a slam poet from Ontario, Canada. We are excited to publish “who’s zoomin’ who (on the FREEway of LOVE)” and “Martians Invade Florida,” two pieces that delve into prejudice and take a stance against bigotry. The first dismisses our dreams that the Internet is a place of civility. While it insulates us from punches and physical attacks, it can actually breed the kind of mentality that leads to violence. We have to rise to our best selves rather than letting old forms of hate coil up in the dusty corners of the net, just as they have coiled up in dark places across the globe. The second is an amusing and ribald tirade against corporate shallowness a la Disney and the far-right communities that lie nearby. Neither provides safe soil for Queerness; neither encourages authenticity. 

Experience these biting and humorous poems in Synkroniciti’s newest issue, “Intersections.” Roméo will also be performing as a Featured Artist at our December Soirée.

Roméo Desmarais III (he/them ) proudly identifies as Queer/2Spirit, Francophone, and Muskrat Métis du Grand Lac Ste-Claire. His work appears in Great Lakes Review (December, 2022), Oddball Magazine (July 18, 2022 & June 14, 2021), The Whisky Blot Literary Journal (July 6, 2022), The Church-Wellesley Review (Spring & October, 2000), and MockingOwl Roost ‘s Special Edition “All the Colors” (forthcoming, February 2023), among others.

Roméo is also a singer-songwriter—their folk song about a homeless man, “John McCauldron,” has garnered attention from the CBC. Additionally, he is a multimedia artist, classically trained musician, music therapist, and social activist living in London, Ontario, Canada. When performing, Roméo introduces himself by bellowing I… AM… RoMeO-HoMeO ô£ tHę MåRtïÃñS >{:)!!!—his pseudonym since 1991.

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