Featured Artist: Yohanes Soubirius De Santo

Synkroniciti is delighted to welcome back Indonesian visual artist Yohanes Soubirius De Santo (2:4) with three intricate and socially conscious pen and ink illustrations: “Without Virtual Nanny” recalls a time when children grew up playing board games and running around outside rather than being glued to their electronic devices, “Tomorrow’s Fuel” laments the ignorance and need that drive humanity to make poor decisions and “Old Polemic” asserts that prejudice is much more damaging to society than the supposed “evils” it denounces. Humans may be technologically advanced but are we growing in understanding?

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Yohanes Soubirius De Santo was born in Singaraja, the capital of the Buleleng regency in North Bali, Indonesia in 1998. A graduate of Ganesha University of Education, Faculty of Language And Art, Department of Fine Arts Education, he has exhibited his artwork frequently in Bali and Indonesia, and now internationally in Europe, Asia, America and Australia. His life motto is “Allow yourself to be really wrong, but not pessimistic.” When an error occurs, we should not be pessimistic, but correct our mistakes.


Here is an excerpt from his work in our “hidden” issue, “Gradually Getting Better.”

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