Featured Artist: Ron Pullins

Synkroniciti is overjoyed to present Clocks::Corn, a delightful short story by Ron Pullins in the magic realism vein. Dada is a traveling bookseller who also sells a variety of clocks. Today he is selling at the university where he used to teach, and, knocking at his old office door, he meets another wounded soul with a strange coping mechanism. How often in life do we talk past each other without realizing our similarities and celebrating our survival strategies?
We will be sharing a little of Ron’s work here today, but, if you want to read this ingenious story, you should subscribe or purchase the issue.
Ron Pullins is a (writer, entity, clock) who lives in (the moment, Tucson). Above all else he relishes moments when he and a stranger share some odd space in words (reading them, being read, talking, corresponding), however (brief those moments are, long those moments live).
You can read about Ron’s (poetry, plays, fiction) on his website: http://www.pullins.com/.

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