Featured Artist: Rachael Ikins

It is a treat to welcome back Rachael Ikins (2:1, 2:4).  Synkroniciti’s June 1st issue will feature her short story,  “The Complicated Process of Coming Home,” which tells the engrossing tale of Cato the cat and his adoption. Many of us humans find solace in our pets when we are bereaved (of a human or animal relationship) and the bonding process of getting a new pet can help us heal. What does this symbiosis look like from the point of view of the companion animal?

Would you like to read this amusing and heartwarming story? Please subscribe or purchase the issue here: https://synkroniciti.com/the-magazine/.

Rachael Ikins is a 2016/18 Pushcart, 2013/19 CNY Book Award, 2018 Independent Book Award winner, and 2019 Vinnie Ream & Faulkner poetry finalist. She is author/illustrator of 9 books in multiple genres. She lives by a lake with her dogs, cats, saltwater fish, a garden that feeds her through winter and riotous houseplants with a room of their own. Dragons fly by. 


Here is a taste of Rachael’s poetry from our “hidden” issue (2:4), a lovely contrapuntal piece called, “On Watching a Wasp Drink During Drought.” The issue is available for purchase here.

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