We are thrilled to announce the artists of “Empowered,” our thirteenth issue, debuting September 1st. The vibrant surrealist cover is “Shrine” by Joan Burger Siem.

Congratulations to the twenty-five artists selected for our upcoming “Empowered” issue! It was a timely theme with deep resonance and we were humbled and inspired by the immense response. Poetry and short play led the pack, but we had stellar submissions across the board. There is a greater variety in this group, in terms of genre and mood, than we have ever seen and we have been able to find a line of synchronicity leading from piece to piece that is quite satisfying. It’s a little longer, weighing in at approximately 130 pages (“Ritual” was 115). The issue will be dedicated to Mary Marie Fries Johnson, the mother of Katherine McDaniel, who died July 25th at the age of 87. The astonishing surrealist cover art is “Shrine” by Joan Burger Siem.

Here are the artists represented:

I. Jay Asher, Short Story, Florida, USA

Terry Barr, Essay, South Carolina, USA

Sara Collie, England, United Kingdom

Mary Pacifico Curtis. California, USA

Peter Dakutis, Georgia, USA

Sergey Dobrynov, Lugansk, Ukraine

Stacie Eirich, Louisiana, USA

Shani Eldar, Israel

Scott Ferry, Washington, USA*

Jonathan Fletcher, New York, USA

Allison Fradkin, Illinois, USA

Diane Funston, California, USA

Lori Lasseter Hamilton, Alabama, USA

D.R. James, Michigan, USA

Svetlana Olshanskaya, Lugansk, Ukraine

Misha Penton, Texas, USA

Pan Piper, Scotland, United Kingdom

Karen Poppy, California, USA

D. Larissa Peters, California, USA

Judith Pratt, New York, USA*

Paula Rudnick. California, USA

Joan Burger Siem, Texas, USA*

Bill Vernon, Ohio, USA

Jonathan Yungkans, California, USA

Jagoda Zwiernik, Scotland, United Kingdom

* winners of our “Empowered” contests


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Synchronicity is a term coined by Carl Jung that refers to “the simultaneous occurrence of events which appear significantly related but have no discernible causal connection.” This makes our focus eclectic, but we do have subjects that we favor:

The arts and creativity, the intersection of art and science, nature, social justice (pro feminism, pro GLBTQIA, pro Black Lives Matter and support for any opportunity to promote equality and respect across the lines of gender, ethnicity, culture, religion and economic status), mythology and storytelling, imagination and fantasy, dreams and their imagery, and personal and collaborative expression.