Featured Artist: Ofelia Adame Williams

Welcome back to artist Ofelia Adame Williams! We will be featuring her beautiful and illuminating quadriptych, Labyrinth of the Soul, in the upcoming September 1st issue. How do we navigate our internal labyrinths, which are shaped by our experiences, in order to become better people? Ofelia shares her light to interpret the process.

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In her own words:

Ofelia Adame Williams is a classically trained vocalist residing in Houston, TX with her husband, Charles, and their furbaby kitty, Musetta. In addition to her musical endeavors, Ofelia enjoys expressing her soul through other artistic methods and mediums. She has flirted with writing, photography, sketching, drawing, and recently has begun trying her hand at painting, broadening into new and exciting horizons. Fascinated with human emotion, psyche, reactions, and the cause and effect of outside stimuli on personality, she seeks to represent those things in her artwork. Most of all, she wants to bring light into a dark and frightening world, hope and joy to the desperate. There is beauty everywhere and her art attempts to restore faith in the goodness of the world and of humanity by drawing attention to it.

Photo Credit Elizabeth Blessit Serna

Here is alittle taste of her photography skills. This is “Diamond Kissed” from our first issue, which debuted almost a year ago.


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