Synkroniciti Magazine Debuts August 30, 2019!

I am overjoyed to report that the inaugural issue of Synkroniciti Magazine is having its final proofreading before it debuts on Friday, August 30th! It has been an intense process and I have thoroughly enjoyed it, from planning to production. This issue is 80 pages long and features the work of 11 creatives and myself, exploring synchronicity and life. It is simply scrumptiously beautiful and I can’t wait to share it!

Synkroniciti Summer 2019

There are two ways to get a copy of Synkroniciti: you can subscribe ($10 every 2 issues, that’s every six months) or you can buy a single issue ($6) and we will drop a link right into your email inbox. Want to send some inspiration to a friend or loved one? We also do gift issues and gift subscriptions. Subscriptions offer the added perk of access to the new subscribers section of the website and also mean you can submit your own work to us for free for consideration for a future issue.

Here is the lineup for our first issue. Poetry, photography, short stories, narrative non-fiction, essay, visual art, a ten-minute play and the beginnings of a serial novel. Pretty rich!!


Here Comes the Rain Again: Dripping Diamonds by Ofelia Adame Williams

Synkroniciti is ecstatic to present an original work created for our Open Mic last month by Ofelia Adame Williams. While sitting in her car between her day job and her night/weekend job as a chorister at Houston Grand Opera, she snapped this spectacular photo of rain drops collecting on her windshield. Isn’t it terrific how beauty surprises us? She then wrote a moving poem which connects this image with the profound stress of modern life.

I hope you are enchanted and encouraged by this thoughtful and beautiful combination of words and image. It is the mission of Synkroniciti  to provide a safe place where people can explore their creativity. You are always welcome to our community of sharing.

Let’s contemplate some diamonds together!


Dripping Diamonds

by Ofelia Adame Williams

Above their covered eyes the sky is shimmering with fairy dust,
breaking through the fog on the silver wings of dragonflies,
glittering as they capture every precious bit of light that has escaped the gray.

These diamonds are forming, not from the pressure of rock and coal,
But the pressures of the life around them,
Anxious and constricting like the breath of those cowering below them.

Oh but the diamonds, they sparkle and shine and form into tears,
Tears falling from the clouds that reflect those emotions,
Responding to the world. Then…release

With flashes of magic they dive to the earth,
Eagerly seeking to soothe her children,
to quench their thirst for beauty.

But alas, they’re ignored…they’re shunned.
The masses hide from the twinkle of stardust that each diamond possesses,
Hurrying to find shelter from the light.

Except a few that dare to gaze up,
The ones that see the pixie’s trail out the corner of their eyes.
Quickly turning to catch the sight, but just out of it.

And those that turn are treated with a spell.
They see the light that even the gloom cannot swallow.
There is no sun yet there is this glow!

“Ahh, but there is a sun, the darkness wants to hide it
Much like you hide from our presence.”
-Exclaim the dripping gems.

“See how we sparkle despite the gloom,
The sun lives in us
And we bring a bit of her to remind you she’s still there.”

The diamonds shine and tremble with excitement,

Finally seen, finally heard, finally fulfilled.