Featured Artist: Nikolay Vlahov

Synkroniciti is excited to welcome Bulgarian artist Nikolay Vlahov, featuring three delicious paintings: In Dot, Internal Landscape and A Veil of Rain, along with an accompanying feature article, Soliloquies in Shape and Color. Nikolay’s paintings explore the internal emotional associations of color and shape in a way that borders on synesthesia and provides space for healing and processing thoughts.
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Nikolay Vlahov is a multidisciplinary artist in the fields of painting, photography, design and writing. Inspired by the diversity, unpredictability and sublimity of nature, he seeks to create or discover new worlds: real and imaginary, concrete and abstract, visual and emotional. Creativity is a blessing, a gift of watching, hearing, sensing and artistically re-creating what has already been created by nature. It is a process of taking a divine particle and expanding it—giving it a new life, a new form, a new breath—as part of his own being.
As a painter, he is a mixed media neo-abstractionist who experiments with different techniques, materials, colors and objects. His art is a declaration of love to the mystical energy of pictorial forms—the energy to ignite emotional wellbeing and to uplift the human spirit—and an invitation to dare to express the innermost being. It’s a kind of an apologia to the uniqueness of each one of us.
Check out Nikolay’s website: http://www.artborn.net/en/

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