Featured Artist: Nessa Voss

Meet multi-talented artist, photographer and short-story writer Nessa Voss who returns to Synkroniciti with a stirring photo series called I assure you, we’re closed. The series features images from Houston, Texas, during the Covid-19 lockdown. From delight to anxiety and back again, she captures the moods of the city extremely well, creating a moving and deeply expressive story without words.

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Nessa is a true polymath, and Synkroniciti loves people who create in multiple fields. You might remember her delightfully mischievous story, The Treasure of Terrance Dauwdly, or her introspective portraits of Oscar Wilde and the Roman Emperor Tiberius, which were all featured in our first issue.

In her own words:

Nessa Voss is a philosophy professor at Lone Star College in Houston, TX, and has a background in aesthetics, Iranian studies, and humor. She regularly participates in Grown-Up Story Time and Philosophically Drinking, often telling embarrassing stories and arguing why it is best to have never been born. Her hair changes with her moods. Nessa can often be found seeking what passes as happiness at dog parks in Kurt Vonnegut T-shirts.

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