Featured Artist: Cyndy Muscatel

Please welcome writer Cyndy Muscatel. Synkroniciti is pleased to feature “The Wounded Warrior of East Boston Terrace,” a captivating short story in the style of memoir, in our upcoming “Ritual” issue.

Isn’t it amazing, she thought, how childhood memories remain so intact?” So thinks Sara, now a grandmother, remembering an adventure gone wrong with the mischievous Hansen sisters when she was but five years old. Hearkening back to the days when children played outdoors without adults hovering over their every move, Cyndy deftly introduces us to the social currents and pecking order of suburban Seattle kids. Most of us can remember trying to fit in with the older children, often by cloaking our fears in a bravado based on our trusting natures. Many remember how that bravado put us in conflict with our parents. Perhaps only a few had a fleeting moment of recognition for the experience, but we can all cheer for Sara when she gets some unexpected street credentials after a particularly bad day.

Read this delightful short story in Synkroniciti’s upcoming issue, “Ritual,” which will debut online on March 1st. Subscribe or purchase the individual issue here.


Cyndy Muscatel has written for several publications including The Seattle Times and The Desert Sun. Her fiction, non-fiction, and poetry have been published in many journals including The MacGuffin, Main Street Rag, North Atlantic Review, Quercus Review, riverSedge, descant, Existere, and Jet Fuel Review. Her collection of published short stories, Radio Days, is available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. She is working on a memoir of her time teaching in the inner city of Seattle during the Sixties and teaching memoir writing in Kona, Hawaii. “The Wounded Warrior of East Boston Terrace” is based on a childhood experience.

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