Featured Artist: Ankita Sadarjoshi

Synkroniciti is excited to introduce poet Ankita Sadarjoshi from Oman with Flight Catcher (after Sylvia), a vivid glimpse from a predator’s perspective. Viewing the wild and dangerous side of nature, Ankita’s spare style is intriguing and electric. You will find yourself drawn in by feline elegance, lethal and superb.

Please subscribe or purchase the issue here to read this striking poem and get to know more about this emerging artist. The issue, our ninth, debuts September 1st with the theme of “birds.”

Ankita Sadarjoshi studied theatre and creative writing at university and now attempts to fuse the two any chance she gets. Presently unemployed, she is spending her time slowly getting over her fear of cats, and trying to apply theories of performance and poetry to understanding the current unravelling of the world. She is currently looking for work in literary, theatrical, and/or curatorial arts, as well as in education pertaining to the same. She lives at home in Muscat, Oman with her parents and pets.



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