Quote for Today: Patricia McKillip


He was sitting in moonlight and candlelight, scratching the head of some beast that looked to Vevay a cross between a lion and a bear. It had black pelt, a flat, broad, fanged face, a powerful bulky body. It seemed to be purring. It cast a smoldering red glance at Vevay then closed it eyes again, leaning heavy against Felan’s knee.
“What on earth is that?” Vevay asked.
“I’ve no idea,” Felan said. “It came out of an old book I was reading once and it never went back in again. It seems harmless and is very obliging: it let the students practice transformation spells on it. It eats strawberries when it can get them.”

Patricia McKillip, Alphabet of Thorn

Public Domain Image via MaxPixel




Quote for Today: W.B. Yeats

The Cat and the Moon 

The cat went here and there
And the moon spun round like a top,
And the nearest kin of the moon,
The creeping cat, looked up.
Black Minnaloushe stared at the moon,
For, wander and wail as he would,
The pure cold light in the sky
Troubled his animal blood.
Minnaloushe runs in the grass
Lifting his delicate feet.
Do you dance, Minnaloushe, do you dance?
When two close kindred meet,
What better than call a dance?
Maybe the moon may learn,
Tired of that courtly fashion,
A new dance turn.
Minnaloushe creeps through the grass
From moonlit place to place,
The sacred moon overhead
Has taken a new phase.
Does Minnaloushe know that his pupils
Will pass from change to change,
And that from round to crescent,
From crescent to round they range?
Minnaloushe creeps through the grass
Alone, important and wise,
And lifts to the changing moon
His changing eyes.

W.B. Yeats, The Wild Swans at Coole 
Public Domain Image via Pixabay

Quote for Today: Truman Capote

She was still hugging the cat. “Poor slob,” she said, tickling his head, “poor slob without a name. It’s a little inconvenient, his not having a name. But I haven’t any right to give him one: he’ll have to wait until he belongs to somebody. We just sort of took up by the river one day, we don’t belong to each other: he’s an independent, and so am I. I don’t want to own anything until I know I’ve found the place where me and things belong together. I’m not quite sure where that is just yet. But I know what it’s like.” She smiled, and let the cat drop to the floor. “It’s like Tiffany’s,” she said.

…It calms me down right away, the quietness and the proud look of it; nothing very bad could happen to you there, not with those kind men in their nice suits, and that lovely smell of silver and alligator wallets. If I could find a real-life place that made me feel like Tiffany’s, then I’d buy some furniture and give the cat a name.”

―Holly Golightly, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Truman Capote
Audrey Hepburn and George Peppard, Breakfast at Tiffany's

Audrey Hepburn and George Peppard, Breakfast at Tiffany’s
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Not Your Average Game of Cat and Mouse: Armor by Jeff de Boer

© Solarbotics with CCLicense

© Solarbotics with CCLicense

Multi-media visual artist Jeff de Boer is famous for bringing together things that aren’t often associated with one another: cats, mice, and armor. That’s right, he builds small suits of armor for cats and mice and sells his delightful creations for a pretty penny, with mouse suits starting at $1,500 and cat suits from $12,000 all the way up to $25,000. The work is gorgeously detailed, as you can see in this gallery from Beautiful Life. The video below is an awesome introduction to de Boers and his work.

Video via OptikLocal on YouTube.

As young man keenly aware of his individuality and blessed with a trailblazing nerdiness, de Boer was inspired by things medieval, especially the idea of the warrior’s quest, and began by making suits for people for while still in high school. While studying jewelry design, he found he had a knack for small scale projects. Seeing an opportunity to define a genre, he created a line of armor for cats and mice. Despite authentic and meticulous design, this armor doesn’t actually get worn. A television show in Japan attempted to find a cat that would be a sport and wear a suit, but apparently cats aren’t particularly amused by armor!

His work is peppered with humor and puns: from the focus on cat and mouse games to his armor for business executives, which includes a line of chain mail neckties and a “helmet for saving face in business transactions”. He has also created ray-guns, rocket lamps and abstracts known as Exoforms, among other things. But the mouse suits hold a special place in de Boer’s heart.

The weak really are my symbol, because I suppose I started out life that way.  So building armour for a mouse seemed like the natural thing to do.  It was the one image that was correct. 

–Jeff de Boer

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