“Dandelion” by Nino Khundadze wins Synkroniciti’s “Present” Cover Contest

Anyone who has blown the seeds from a dandelion head knows how, in a moment, a breath renders it empty, spreading those seeds that continue the plant.

Synkroniciti’s seventh issue bears the theme “present.” Our cover art, “Dandelion” by Nino Khundadze of Tbilisi, Georgia, is a stunning interpretation of the theme. Presented to us like a gift, a present for us to cherish, looking like a tiny world, or perhaps like a dark faerie basking in the light, “Dandelion” communicates the delicacy, fragility and potential for new life that exists in every moment of our lives. We are here and now to witness and experience this present moment.

Thank you, Nino, for your great gift!

You will learn more about Nino and her work in our Artist Features, which will begin in February.

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