“Curiosity” Featured Artist Emilie Lygren

Synkroniciti is thrilled to welcome poet Emilie Lygren with two sensitive poems about humanity’s relationship to nature. “Every day something new” encourages noticing, keeping our eyes open to the extraordinary that operates within our reality. Existence is nothing short of miraculous, “Even the sound of my own thoughts rubbing against the most familiar neighborhood street signs.” This sense of wonder keeps us active and engaged with life. “Each day a self I’ve never met before glows inside my ribs.” The second poem. “Learning to Fish,” speaks of the darker side of curiosity. Human existence and exploration result in loss and destruction for other species. “I wished I’d never caught you, never took anything at all.” How do we deal with the price of our actions, unlearn exploitive behavior and mindfully learn to take only what we need? How do we recognize another being’s pain? Emilie’s language is refined and musical, full of imagery that calls to our best selves without preachiness or superiority. She dares to be simple and present. The result is a powerful vulnerability that makes us want to experience the world in a more authentic way.

Experience Emilie’s insightful poetry in the newest issue of Synkroniciti, “Curiosity,” now available for purchase and digital download here: https://synkroniciti.com/the-magazine/purchase-individual-issues/.

Emilie Lygren is a poet and outdoor educator who is deeply curious about spiderwebs, people, and moving water. In her teaching and writing, Emilie focuses on the intersections between scientific observations and poetic wonder. She also loves cooking, walking, napping in hammocks, and talking to strangers. If you ever meet Emilie, she would love to hear a story about a special tree you’ve met at some point in your life. In return, she will tell you about a sycamore.

Emilie’s first book of poetry, What We Were Born For, was chosen by the Young People’s Poet Laureate as the February 2022 book pick for the Poetry Foundation.

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