Collaborations with the Self, Nature, and God: Sharon Strong’s Masks

Sharon Strong is a psychologist, a painter, a performance artist and a maker of masks who studied at the Academy of Art in San Francisco. Sharon has worked as a psychologist for many years, becoming attuned to faces, body language and the subtlety of movement. Her masks are designed not to conceal, but to reveal the interior of a subject. She found mask making by accident.

I was caught unaware by the power of mask making while working on an autobiographical painting of an enraged, masked woman dancing. Alone in my studio, it was as if a trap door opened and I plummeted down into a ritual space as old as humankind. With heart pounding, barely able to breath[e], I sculpted the first mask in a trilogy of masks depicting anger, grief, and transformation entitled “Dancing on My Father’s Grave”. From those first moments, my masks have become my healers, teachers, guides, and companions. It is a joy to share them with you. –-Sharon Strong

Please enjoy this fascinating video detailing her mask making process and showing a few cool pieces. The video starts slow, but it picks up nicely at about 30 seconds in. Really beautiful and transformative work!

Video via Video2Webb

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