Winner of Cover Art Contest, theme “Hidden”: Jonathan Yungkans

The cover for our sixth issue, Synkroniciti Magazine, Vol. 2, no. 4, “Hidden” is graced with an introspective and evocative self-portrait by Jonathan Yungkans. Congratulations, Jonathan, on your stunning photo capture,
Self-Portrait, King Richard’s Antique Center, 2017!
Thanks to everyone who entered. Many of you will be featured inside the magazine and you will receive details this week.
We had seven covers in our final pool, and all of them were beautiful and eye-catching. What this photo had was a lot of simple but elegant connotations: yin and yang, darkness within light, light within darkness, collective unconscious, identity and the unknowable self, the shadow, connectedness, the ground in which all soul’s meet…
We are so excited about this new cover and the Hidden issue. It has a very different personality: nature, social justice, memory, imagination, inspiration, and humanity combine in a way that explores the hidden places in our world, our bodies, and our minds.

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