Wild Things from Fallen Trees: The Sculptures of Tommy Craggs

© Jonathan Cardy with CCLicense
© Jonathan Cardy with CCLicense

Artist Tommy Craggs has been busy in the woods near Knaresborough, North Yorkshire, UK. He’s been carving sculptures from trees that have fallen in the forest to surprise and delight people who chance to walk by. Fortunately, most of the locals love the ten to twenty foot high works that are the latest project of the very talented chainsaw artist and they are clamoring for more.

Here is an entertaining video from 2008 of Tommy Craggs working on a gnome and describing his gear.

Video via Tommy Craggs on YouTube.

Craggs has been developing his style for years, sculpting trees in several countries and winning several awards. His creations are fanciful and detailed, among them a mysterious leafy face, a kingfisher catching fish, lizards and toads, and various woodland sprites and dryads. Craggs enjoys giving new life to dead trees and people enjoy looking at his sculptures. Here is an article about his work in the North Yorkshire forest, and another about his work in general, both containing marvelous slideshows. You can see even more art on his website.

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