“Wild” Featured Artist Sukhmani Kaur

Synkroniciti is excited to welcome Indian visual artist Sukhmani Kaur. Sukhmani is known for her works in resin on wood, resembling open geodes filled with handmade crystals. “In imitation of nature, Sukhmani Kaur chose resin geodes and their vibrant colors as a mode to express the hidden aspects of life. They may be related to her own life and/or to nature, describing beauty, the psychological, strong and complex emotions, social issues or anything that contributes to our growth and life directly or indirectly. They are tangible depictions of feelings.” “Vibrant Origin” looks to the vivid colors of nature and its beginnings, bubbling with energy, while “Ruhe,” from the German word for calm, rest or peace, shows us a more serene view in shades of white and gold. Sukhmani creates swirls of color and texture that draw the eye and tickle the imagination, abstract enough to inspire nonrepresentational connotations to emotion and thought but concrete enough to evoke forms from nature. Thus she draws a connection between the wildness inside of the human mind and the wildness found in Mother Nature.

Experience Sukhmani’s dazzling art in Synkroniciti’s “Wild” issue: https://synkroniciti.com/the-magazine/purchase-individual-issues/. You don’t want to miss this artist as she emerges on the world’s stage.

Sukhmani Kaur is a self-taught, impassioned artist from India. She is currently pursuing a PhD in finance, has completed study in Data analytics from IIM Rohtak and is also certified in Art Therapy. Sukhmani has participated in international research conferences and published various research papers in the field of finance while also participating in national and international art exhibitions online and offline in various renowned galleries, art festivals and museums.

Sukhmani has also been part of an international art residencies organized by Kalanirvana in Odisha, India; the Kingsbrae International Residence for the Arts and Amphitheatre (KIRA) 2023; and, upcoming, VENEZIA CONTEMPORANEA Cultural Association 2024. She has also been awarded a “Global Women Inspiration Award” and an “International Glory Award” among many others.


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