“Wild” Featured Artist Sindy Yeung

Synkroniciti is thrilled to welcome visual artist Sindy Yeung from Hong Kong, China. We feature her artwork and explore her artistic journey in “An Imaginary Reality: The Making of Sindy Yeung’s My Wonderland Series,” an article in Synkroniciti’s “Wild” issue. She’s also the winner of the “Wild” Cover Art Contest with “The Journey,” which fits our issue so perfectly: a feminine figure takes a path to a secluded lake at nighttime, her way illuminated by the energy of her mind and the fantastic creations that spring up around the lake. Human creativity is one with the creativity of nature–the wildness within is related to the wildness without. “The Journey” is part of Sindy’s My Wonderland Series, containing iconic elements: magic trees or flowers, the girl with head aglow, and brilliant, eye-popping color. We feature two prequels to the series: “Growing Seeds” and “You Can’t Kill Us All.” These are profound statements about the value of the individual and the need for self-expression. From the series itself, we feature “Hello, World,” which heralds the first appearance of the girl; “On the Avenue,” which brings wildness and creativity into the big city; and “The Journey.” The contrast of vivid color with deep black–it has been said that black contains all colors–and the variety of texture, from impasto to a gentle stroke that lets the canvas weave show through, are hallmarks of Sindy’s unique style.

Order your copy of “Wild” to experience Sindy’s expressive artwork and read about her journey and process:  https://synkroniciti.com/the-magazine/purchase-individual-issues/.

Sindy Yeung is a self-taught artist from Hong Kong. She has loved art since childhood but was educated in the traditional way and never thought she could create. As she grew up, she put aside painting.

In 2019, she quit her job to rethink her life. She felt so lost until picking up the paintbrush again. This time, she does not follow any rules but her intuition. Her art leans towards the abstract but the new “My Wonderland” series adds in a pop-art, surrealism and fantasy tone. It is a reflection of her imaginary world and how she sees herself, our relationship with Nature and the world.

In 2023, she will experiment with ways to make art with less environmental impact, e.g. using recycled materials.


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