“Wild” Featured Artist Sage Futrell

Synkroniciti is excited to introduce photographer Sage Futrell. If you have ever tried to photograph small birds and mammals, you know how difficult it can be to capture their likeness, let alone the slightest reflection of their personality in a shot. Sage captures magical moments that are no less impressive and dramatic than shots of apex predators in the wild. They guide our eyes with gently blurred backgrounds contrasting with crystal clear subjects–one can almost feel feathers or fur. “Portrait of Williamsburg” features a bright-eyed Eastern Bluebird. We feel as if we are sitting on the next branch, watching this officious fellow look down with judgement on the surrounding scene. “The Call” is a wild portrait of a squirrel who looks as if he is doing haka, his hand clasped pugnaciously over his chest, mouth open in full chatter-cry . Research tells us animals have emotions, thoughts and interior lives that are more complex than Western humanity has been willing to admit. Anyone looking at Sage’s photographs would take that as gospel.


Order your copy of “Wild” to experience Sage’s inspired photography: https://synkroniciti.com/the…/purchase-individual-issues/. Synkroniciti loves to bring you emerging artists like Sage.

Sage Futrell (they/she) is a college student from Virginia, US. They currently help out many of William & Mary’s literary publications, including LIPS (a sexuality-themed zine) and the Dog Street Journal (a pop culture magazine). Born and raised in a rural area of New Hampshire, their curiosity for the natural world is what motivates them to create. They work in a variety of media, including creative writing, collage, and photography.
Sage has previously received accolades from the Scholastic Art & Writing awards and the Poetry Society of Virginia for her writing, along with publication in various small journals. She is new to photography but has been endlessly expanding her portfolio by capturing Williamsburg’s wonderful wildlife.

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