“Wild” Featured Artist Ndzanael

Synkroniciti is thrilled to welcome Cameroonian visual artist Ndzanael, based in Canada. “Wild” features two mixed media paintings, Zeu (Panther) and Gnatt (Buffalo) from his Ntoan Bann (Totem) Collection, as well as an article examining his process and inspiration. Zeu was a finalist in our competitive “Wild” cover art contest. These paintings explore the connotations and spirit of animals, allowing the essence of the creature to speak to our senses. “My creations, made with intuitive mixed techniques on canvas, are silent protagonists whose goal is to invite the viewer to wonder about their visual insights!” They are created using reclaimed sawdust which is molded and then painted, giving them a three-dimensional, sculptural element that makes them seem as if they are coming to life, detaching from the canvas. He captures the feline liquidity and grace of the panther and the imposing power of the buffalo. Ndzanael’s iconography includes glyphs drawn from the well of personal and tribal meaning, as well as textures that imitate metalwork and fabric. The combination of modern and traditional elements is extraordinary. 

Experience Ndzanael’s entrancing art and learn about his work in Synkroniciti’s “Wild” issue: https://synkroniciti.com/the-magazine/purchase-individual-issues/.

Ndzanael was born in Africa (Cameroon). Art has always been the driving force behind his actions. Painting imposed itself on him 16 years ago as an alternative means of expression, appealing to various senses and allowing him to express his emotions differently. He is a printer connected to several dimensions.

Although most of his paintings are abstract, he mainly paints what he feels or what he needs to make people feel. He also works on commission. Painting has always been a means of escape, expression and sharing. He likes his paintings to be seen, criticized, even found disturbing. For him, art must be in motion, effervescing and constantly questioning established rules.

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