“Wild” Featured Artist Mark Hendrickson

Synkroniciti is thrilled to welcome back poet Mark Hendrickson with “_ _ _ _ WILD _ _ _ _,” a triptych exploring human wildness and how necessary it is for life and growth. The first, “_ _ _ _ FLOWERS,” remembers the poet’s grandfather, an exacting man with a pristine garden, flowers arranged in strict rows like his family. His was a “garden variety fascism, always well-intentioned” but unrelenting and devastating to those who did not fit his definition of humanity: white, straight, morally “pure.” And yet the wildflowers have triumphed, finding their own sunlight and equality in less than two generations. The second poem, “_ _ _ _ FIRE RUNNING _ _ _ _ ” speaks of desire and how it rises up suddenly before we are aware of it: “conflagration always starts with momentary disregard.” The last “_ _ _ _ HORSES,” muses on a horse in a field, fenced in, and dreams “of the stories he might write with his dreams.” If we hearken to the voice of wildness, are we really free or merely dominated by that wildness? Mark’s imagery is vivid and fearless and takes us inside of what it feels like to explore and acknowledge one’s own wildness and non-conformity. Finalists in our “Wild” poetry contest, these are beautifully crafted, musical poems with a deep vulnerability forged into strength. This is a poet finding the depths of his voice and there is a delightful sense of wonder that accompanies each self-revelation.

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Mark Hendrickson is an emerging poet who recently relocated to the Des Moines area. He is the author of Learning of Loss, his debut collection, which was just published in the last issue of Synkroniciti Magazine. Mark is awaiting the publication of his first full-length book of poetry,The Superman Sessions.

Before becoming a poet, Mark worked for many years as a mental health technician in a locked psychiatric unit. He has advanced degrees in Music, Marriage & Family Therapy, and Health Information Management. His writings often reflect issues related to mental health, emotional trauma, and difficult family relationships. 

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