“Wild” Featured Artist Jeremy Garnett

Synkroniciti is excited to welcome poet Jeremy Garnett from the Northern Territory, Australia. “Wild” features two of his poems, “Brave. Freshwater Tears” and “Listening to Raffaella.” Jeremy has a talent for connecting the metaphysical landscapes of the mind with wilderness landscapes, from desert to sea. The first poem is a lament for how human action, even human existence, results in loss and destruction, using saltwater as a metaphor. “Were I to weep freshwater, Innocence would last.” Salt has often been lauded as a preservative, but it also kills, desiccating tissue and rendering soil barren and water impure and deadly. The second poem contains the anticipation of desert roots and vegetation for an oncoming storm. “We are the first shoots the lush.” The storm will be wild and brutal and it is our only hope for survival and growth.  Jeremy’s poems are intense and lyrical and the imagery is profound and perceptive. He finds unique colors and rhythms that unmask the deep and simple longings of the soul, making the mundane magical.

Order your copy of “Wild” to experience Jeremy’s spellbinding poetry: https://synkroniciti.com/the-magazine/purchase-individual-issues/.

Residing and writing in Darwin, Australia, Jeremy Garnett has self-published two poetry collections, Waiting on Rain (2017) and Red Dirt Scrawl (2022). Subsumed within the world of words, poetically and professionally, this syllabic self-image that considers itself sentient specialises in spur-of the moment soliloquies. Each poem is crafted within minutes of the moment of inspiration, to capture the mood-immediate, riffing off the essence of the event and following the found inherent flow to find final form. Tongue-twisters, on the other hand, are relegated to bios.

Known on the socials as @JPGPoet, Jeremy greets the world with irreverence, delighting in the respondent instance, essence, act. With every stanza a candle lights, hope within our hearts so dark. Breath deep. Seek peace.

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    Well done, no mean feat to get published in this day and age. Congrats.

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