“Wild” Featured Artist Elizabeth Gade

Please join Synkroniciti in welcoming poet Elizabeth Gade with two poems, “Theft of Property” and “The Offering.” The first questions the interpretation of rape in modern Western society, a society that defines “rape not as a crime against women but the theft of property from men.” What does patriarchy fear in the feminine that it must go on the offensive? Why are the ears and minds of young people subjected to volumes of gender-based propaganda that crowd out actual feeling and reality? The second poem takes us to the forest in an attempt to escape the false narratives and pressures of the modern city. “Let me forget about the seasons of living; thrashing like an animal caught in a trap trying to breathe in a twisted habitat of steel and cement grime and noise.” These are compelling glimpses into the life of a human trafficking survivor, beautifully and powerfully rendered. These voices are silenced in our culture, their lived experience too scary and triggering for normal society. Unfortunately, this censorship means that survivors aren’t given space to tell their story and feel as if they have, themselves, become unacceptable. How does a human being heal if they can’t express and work through what they have experienced? Elizabeth is a bold pioneer, not only telling her story, but helping others to do the same.

Order your copy of “Wild” to experience Elizabeth’s powerful poetry: https://synkroniciti.com/the-magazine/purchase-individual-issues/.


Elizabeth Gade is a US based bisexual writer, certified peer support worker and yoga teacher in training. As a human trafficking survivor, her lived experience of abuse and incarceration drives her to write and serve her community. She views writing as a radical way to show up in the world while connecting to fellow survivors. Her poems have been published in The View Magazine, The Elevation Review, 300 Days Of Sun, Other Worldly Women Press & The GroundUp.

Elizabeth is the creator of a new online literary journal, LEO Literary Journal, dedicated to showcasing the works of women writers affected by incarceration and lived experience outreach through literary expression. Please visit the journal: www.LeoLiteraryJournal.Weebly.com.

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