“Wild” Featured Artist Charlotte Hart

Please join Synkroniciti in welcoming back poet Charlotte Hart. Her collaborations with digital artist Adrián Caldera: “Old Coyote: Ueuecoyoti,” “Dazzled in dystopia” and “Death Appeared,” explore the reality of love in the face of death. There is fear, but there is also a sharp sense of hope and possibility that is miraculous. Charlotte and Adrián were featured together for the first time in “Intersections” and we are thrilled to present more of their fruitful collaboration. These pieces are wild, sensual and lush. In “Old Coyote,” a walk in the wilderness extends into the night hours and danger multiplies, heralded by the sounds of animals in the dark. “Dazzled” explores the realms of possibility that love creates, while “Death Appeared” speaks of a recent hospital stay, now past, in which the outcome was far from certain. Charlotte is a fearless storyteller, dramatizing the passion that comes with finding one’s inner life fulfilled, even as the outer life is threatened.

Order your copy of “Wild” to see these stunning ekphrastic collaborations: https://synkroniciti.com/the-magazine/purchase-individual-issues/

Charlotte Hart’s new book, Desert Flow, in collaboration with abstract digital artist Adrián Caldera, is published by Cloud Hands Press in English and Spanish. Desert Flow is available for digital devices on Amazon and will soon be released in print on Cloud Hands Press and Amazon.

Hart’s first book was The Pegasus Ring. Her chapbook, Organic Spirits was from Finishing Line Press. Her poem, “Clark Street Beach” is incised in concrete in front of the public library in Evanston, Illinois. Her poems have appeared in the Journal of Modern Poetry, Thema Literary Magazine, and Poetica Magazine, among many others. For her poetry, Hart has received awards from the Journal of Modern Poetry and the Poets and Patrons Society of Chicago.

Charlotte Hart has shown visual art at the Smithsonian in Washington D.C. and has drawings in the permanent collection of the Art Institute of Chicago. Her show of art and poetry, Lebendige Linien (Living Lines) was shown in Berlin, Germany. 

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