“Wild” Featured Artist Adrián Caldera

Synkroniciti is pleased to welcome back Adrián Caldera and his collaborator Charlotte Hart with three new digital art and poetry works: “Old Coyote: Ueuecoyoti,” “Dazzled in dystopia” and “Death Appeared.” Charlotte and Adrián were featured together for the first time in “Intersections” and we are thrilled that Charlotte brought Adrián into our community (she’s published with us separately). These pieces are wild, sensual and lush, exploring love in the face of death. Adrián’s works are abstract as they were in “Intersections,” but these have a touch of the figural (look for the coyote in the first one). The first two are minimalist in the way they cut the the subject into small sections and rejoin them into an altered whole, the final work is more gestural. They range from stark black and white to brilliant colors.

Order your copy of “Wild” to see these stunning ekphrastic collaborations: https://synkroniciti.com/the-magazine/purchase-individual-issues/

Adrián Caldera is a successful photographer and artist in Mexico and has shown his work internationally. His many solo shows include: Museo de Arte Moderno Alberto Gironella; Gomez Palacio Durango y Museo de Historica y Arte Contempor El Palacio de los Gurza, Durango; Museo Carrillo Gil, in Mexico City; San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico; among others. Caldera’s work was featured in Paquiné – Greatness for the Past, Inspiration for the Present (Universitetet I Oslo, Institutt Og Museum for Anthropolog, Etnografisk Museum, Oslo, Norge).

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