“Those Who Paint the Heavenly Porch” by Jonathan Yungkans wins our first flash fiction contest

Synkroniciti is delighted to award the prize for our “Space” flash fiction contest to Jonathan Yungkans for his story “Those Who Paint the Heavenly Porch, ” an atmospheric piece hinting at the elasticity of time, which behaves like “polymers in paint.” Jonathan explores the possibility of consciousness extending past reality, returning us to our loved ones. “All that matters is the time we have together, however it comes or is measured.” The quirks and shortcomings of human perception and experience are whimsical, endearing and incredibly beautiful, even, and perhaps especially, when they don’t make sense. His narrator falls easily into habit that transcends time, meeting his great-grandfather for a bit of home improvement as God looks on. Taking full advantage of the brevity, transparency and transitory nature of flash fiction, Jonathan draws us into a happy, nostalgic dream. We can’t tell whether the narrator occupies eternity or his own mind, and we are not sure that there is any difference.

“Space” debuts November 30th. The issue is now available for pre-order: https://synkroniciti.com/the-magazine/purchase-individual-issues/.

Jonathan Yungkans listens to the pouring Southern California rain in the wee hours of what some call morning and others some mild form of insanity and types while watching a large skunk meander under the foundation of a century-old house. He is thankful when his writing is less noxious than that jittery creature on the other side of those floorboards. During what some choose to call normal hours, he works as an in-home health-care provider, fueled by copious amounts of coffee while finding time for the occasional deep breath. His poems have appeared in Gyroscope Review, MacQueen’s Quinterly, Panoply, Unbroken and other publications.

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