The Organic Art of Rob Sato

Rob Sato show at Giant Robot GR2, Los Angeles
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Rob Sato is a watercolor artist based in Los Angeles who explores cycles of growth and decay in his work. This gallery at is truly astounding. Sato’s work features a world in motion, constantly coming apart and remaking itself: exploding, rotting and sending forth shoots of new life from the wreckage. It is incredibly awesome.

Sato spends a great deal of time building up a backstory for a painting. He does in depth historical research, then allows this material to run around in his head and inspire flights of imagination and fancy. Once he sits down to paint, he often feels as if the work is drawn out of him, as if he is guided by something below his consciousness. This is very akin to the process we espouse here at Synkroniciti and we are so inspired by Sato’s example.

His new solo show, INTERINHABITANTS, will open on August 16 in at the MOHS Exhibit in Copenhagen, Denmark. If you are nearby, be sure to check it out.

Video via thethrashlab on YouTube.

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