The Journey by Sindy Yeung wins Synkroniciti’s “Wild” Cover Contest

Synkroniciti has a bold new cover for our upcoming “wild” issue! We are thrilled to announce that Sindy Yeung of Hong Kong has won the award with “The Journey” from her “My Wonderland” Series, which you will see more of inside “Wild. ” We will be doing a feature article on Sindy as well.

We have a tradition of selecting covers that are not only gorgeous, but thought-provoking, the sort you can return to over and over again and see something new every time. “The Journey,” a brilliantly-colored acrylic painting on canvas, is no exception. A feminine figure takes a path to a secluded lake at nighttime, her way illuminated by the energy of her mind and the fantastic creations that spring up around the lake. Human creativity is one with the creativity of nature–the wildness within is related to the wildness without. Civilized humanity has sought for centuries to separate us from nature, to exert control and superiority over our planet by dictating where wildness (and creativity) may exist. This dualism has been unhealthy for humanity and for nature, resulting in damage that culminates in both climate change and fascism. Here we see an alternative. The depth of the rich blackness of the lake–black contains all colors–balances with the luminous possibility of creation. Note the impasto texture technique and heavy brushstrokes used on the land which contrast with the canvas texture which shows through and helps create the magical light on the lake and the fragmented creations, light and airy, that rise over the lake. Our dreams and possibilities are wondrous and also fragile, like bubbles that grow and burst. Is that a vessel for blowing bubbles in her hand? The element of play here is whimsical, but also deadly serious. Wildness is part of us and colors how we experience the world around us.

Thanks to all who submitted visual art for “Wild.” The field was extremely rich and you will see that not only on the cover, but throughout the issue. There were three fantastic finalists: “Zeu” by Ndzanael, Tigers Landing by Cesar Ceballos and “The Journey.” Overall (literature, video and visual art), Synkroniciti received 20% more submissions for our “Wild” issue than we received for our “Home” issue, which held our record. I don’t know which I enjoy more, the returning artists who have evolved and found new treasures or the first-time submitters who jump in with boldness and vulnerability. In either case, I get to explore new worlds.

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Cindy Yeung is a self-taught artist from Hong Kong. She has loved art since childhood but was educated in the traditional way and never thought she could create. As she grew up, she put aside painting.

In 2019, she quit her job to rethink her life. She felt so lost until picking up the paintbrush again. This time, she does not follow any rules but her intuition. Her art leans towards the abstract but the new “My Wonderland” series adds in a pop-art, surrealism and fantasy tone. It is a reflection of her imaginary world and how she sees herself, our relationship with Nature and the world.

In 2023, she will experiment with ways to make art with less environmental impact, e.g. using recycled materials.

Please welcome Sindy to the Synkroniciti community! Congratulations!



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