Synkroniciti’s “Empowered” Poetry Contest Winner: Scott Ferry, “4/27”

“Empowered” doubled the record for the amount of poetry received for any one issue and the level of talent, mastery and originality was impressive. Synkroniciti is pleased to announce the winner of the poetry contest, Scott Ferry’s concise and heartfelt “4/27.” Simplicity and authenticity are the hardest things to achieve in art (and life) and 4/27 is a finely crafted jewel. The pacing, the subtle visual element suggesting self-effacement, and the vocabulary and music of the language are all nuanced, so clear and intentional without a word extra or out of place–no posturing, only distilled, crystallized thought and emotion. “4/27” reveals the thoughts of a father watching his ten-year-old daughter draw her self-portrait, drawing, erasing and redrawing herself. The tenderness and wistfulness there is something to which we should all aspire.

Scott sent us three poems–“4/27,” “5/7” and “4/19 (2)”–and all will be featured in the issue. They are about his family–his wife, daughter (10) and son (2) and how grateful and full of wonder he is to be alive in their presence. Empowering stuff and so refreshing in a culture where men aren’t encouraged to be emotionally nurturing.

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Scott Ferry helps our Veterans heal as a RN in the Seattle area. In former lives, he taught high school and practiced acupuncture. If he doesn’t write, his muse will torment him by whistling commercial themes in his head (mostly car dealerships and furniture outlets). He has been published widely, but some of his favorites are MacQueen’s Quinterly, Meat for Tea, NYQ, Panoply, Anti-Heroin Chic, SoFloPoJo, Banyan, Gyroscope, and Gleam. He has seven books of poetry, the most recent being The Long Blade of Days Ahead from Impspired Press. More of his work can be found at


Bravo, Scott!

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