Synkroniciti’s Best of the Net Nominations (2020-21)

Here are Synkroniciti’s nominations for Best of the Net from July 1st, 2020 to June 30th, 2021. This list includes some of our favorite work from “Labyrinth,” “Hidden,”  “Present,” and “Home.” We will also be nominating 6 completely different literary artists featured during 2021 for Pushcart Prizes in early November. No one is on both lists so that we can acknowledge as many artists as possible. Good luck, everyone!



Charles Elliott: “L.A. Neighbors”
Sam Houty: “White Noise Asylum”
Tara Iacobucci: “Your Kindergarten Teacher Says You Cry Sometimes”
Lucia Huňady: “Snow White Will Come One Hour Sooner”
Myron Pulier: “There and Then”
Lori Howe, “Cadralor #9 “(dis)articulation”–for Patrick



Ron Pullins: “Clocks::Corn”
Chris Moss: “Fun for the Whole Family!”



Pan Piper: “Heart-land & hearth-land”
Sara Collie: “How to Pitch a Home”



Nino Khundadze: “Dandelion”
Lirio Jimenez: “SAPPHIRE”
Sabrina Mazzola: “Synchronicity”



Photo by Jason Leung on Unsplash

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