Synkroniciti’s Best of the Net 2022-23 (Awarded 2024)

Here are Synkroniciti’s nominations for Best of the Net from July 1st, 2022 to June 30th, 2023. This list includes some of our favorite work from “Empowered,” “Intersections,”  “Wild,” and “Curiosity.” We will also be nominating 6 completely different literary artists featured during 2023 for Pushcart Prizes later this fall. Some of our “Empowered” and “Intersections” artists were already nominated for last year’s Pushcarts. If we’ve published you, know that we already think you are a winner. Good luck, everyone!


Photo by Giorgio Trovato on Unsplash


Jennifer Maloney, “Wild Horses” from “Wild”

Merryn Rutledge, “Questions” from “Curiosity”

Stacie Eirich, “Prisms” from “Curiosity”

Tara Iacobucci, “Wolverine” from “Wild”

Emilie Lygren, “Every day something new” from “Curiosity”

Benjamin Harnett, “Cheerios” from “Curiosity”



Ron Pullins, “Hanging Man” from “Curiosity”

Bill Vernon, “Short Fuse” from “Empowered”



Ann Ingraham, “Conversation with father, our front porch, Medina, Ohio 3:33 p.m.” from “Wild”

Margo Stutts Toombs, “Mini-memoirs: Love Letters to My Goddesses” from “Intersections”



Joan Burger Siem, “Shrine” from “Empowered”

Sindy Yeung, “The Journey” from “Wild”

Elzbieta Zdunek, “Applause” from “Curiosity”


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