Sara McAulay’s “In the beginning” wins our “Flow” poetry contest

Synkroniciti is pleased to select “In the beginning” by Sara McAulay as the winner of the “Flow” poetry contest. This poem is not only formally striking and filled with beautiful imagery, but a powerful indictment of human indifference and self-centeredness in an environment that is increasingly polluted and close to collapse. If we dared to use our inner fires and passion to preserve and protect rather than pursuing a wasteful and destructive trajectory, who knows what we might revive or reclaim. And yet, as a species, we do next to nothing and risk peril. Our sense of wonder and gratitude does not lead to committed action.

We will be including a couple more of Sara’s clear-eyed, beautiful and sometimes biting poems in the issue, which comes out June 1st. You can keep up with our progress here and subscribe or purchase the issue.

Sara McAulay is the author of three novels and numerous works of short fiction (Black Warrior Review, California Quarterly, New American Review, Third Coast, ZYZZYVA, among others). She received NEA and New Jersey State Council on the Arts Fellowships in prose. She has been a professional horse trainer, a university professor, and a creator of found-object metal sculptures. After many years away from writing, she has turned to poetry and flash fiction while completing another novel. She lives in Oakland, CA, with the world’s smartest Australian Shepherd dog.

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